Unreal Encounter

Jack entered the bread aisle in the grocery store as he decided to feed his temptations once again. A woman with long, blonde hair turns her cart into the same aisle soon after.

“Jennifer? Is that you?”

“Jack, what are you doing here?” She looks startled.

“I’m here to shop.” Jack looks confused, “How have you been? I miss you.”

“You should leave.” Jennifer stands her ground.

Jack grows upset, “What is wrong with you? Why are you acting this way? I thought you actually cared about me.”

Jennifer steps closer, “I’m telling you to go because I do care about you very much. I can’t see you here.”

Jennifer turns her cart around and starts running towards the other end of the store. Jack proceeds to follow her, gasping for air.

“Jennifer, please.” Jack huffs as he’s having trouble keeping up with her.

“Stop following me, Jack!” Jennifer swerves into a random food aisle.

A set of lights go out as Jack exerts himself to catch up to her. A female employee walking towards the bathroom screams as she sees a man lying on the floor.

“Help! He’s not breathing!” A co-worker and manager run over, and the worker begins CPR while the manager tells the female employee to call 911. The police arrive, and as the man is being carried out on a stretcher, the manager begins answering questions, “That was Jack Dorsey. His wife, Jennifer, passed away last year from Breast Cancer. He was never the same since.”

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