Come On In

We were finally going to meet Jesse’s parents, and everyone was nervous, no one more so than Jesse. I could tell just how nervous he was when we had to pull the car over so he could throw up. I told him eating three honey buns and chugging a frozen coffee would affect his stomach. Piper and Greg, our friends who happen to be dating, chuckled in the background. Jesse spat a couple of times into his vomit before getting back into the car.
“You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morisette was playing on the radio, and all of us starting singing, “And I’m here, to remind you. Of the mess you left when you went away.”
If you hadn’t guessed it, Jesse was adopted, and he wanted his boyfriend and friends to be with him when he met his birth parents for the first time. Your parents could be anyone: school teachers or mass murderers.
We arrived at the residence, and I saw two shadows in the window, one hugging the other from behind. The landscape of the house was beautiful, with a white picket fence and flowers filling the land. I didn’t want to judge a book based on its cover. But I reassured Jesse that things would be fine and that we would get through this.
The door opened, and an attractive man and woman greeted us with smiles.
Jesse stepped forward, “Hi, I’m Jesse. This is my boyfriend, and my friends Piper and Greg.”
The woman had a tear settled in her eye, “Jesse, I’m so happy you’re here. And it’s nice to meet your friends. I’m Mary, and this is my husband, David. Please, come in.”
As they were giving us a tour of the house, I couldn’t help but wonder why they gave Jesse up for adoption. Maybe they were struggling back then, but they had a charming and spacious home along with cars, each costing around 50k. I decided to let Jesse find out the answers himself.
As we started to sit around the table to eat dinner, Piper asked David, “Where did you get your cologne from? I need Greg to smell like that.”
David laughed, “It’s called “K” by Dolce and Gabbana. I bought it at Nordstrom in the mall.”
“Oh, next to Build A Bear Workshop,” Piper recalled.
“And the GAP,” David responded.
Jesse asked a question I was curious about, “So what do you both do for a living?”
Mary started to bring out the side dishes, “Well, I’m a criminal defense lawyer, and David teaches at the elementary school in Frostworth.”
“That’s over 40 miles away, must be an annoying commute,” Piper chimed in.
“The kids are worth it,” David said while carving the turkey.
“I get it,” Greg entered the conversation. “I work for a computer security company, and it’s about an hour one way if there’s no traffic.”
Mary stopped eating, “I have to say, Greg, you and Piper, are an adorable couple. How long have the two of you been dating?”
Piper was glowing like fireflies in a summer night sky, “Next week will be our fifth anniversary.”
“Congratulations,” Mary celebrated. “Being with someone you love takes a lot of work, but with the power of the Lord, you can fight through any struggle.”
Mary and I made eye contact, “Did you need more salt for your vegetables?”
“No, thank you,” I answered.
I don’t know if it was the wine or curiosity draped over my shoulders, but I blurted, “Why did you guys give Jesse up?”
Forks stopped poking, knives stopped cutting, and the table was silent.
“David was sick,” Mary said passively.
“I’m so sorry,” Jesse felt sympathetic.
“Daddy…I mean, David and I were blessed when we had you. But a couple of years later, we discovered David was sick, and we were going to need a lot of money saved up to cure him. Doctor’s visits, CBT, prescriptions…it was hard on us. Then a few years later, the disease came back again, and David ended up having to take a break from teaching. It was best for you Jesse to be in a home that didn’t have so many burdens.”
“I completely understand,” Jesse forgave them while I had more questions.
“What were you suffering from,” my filter was a thing of the past.
“Mary, maybe we should bring out dessert now,” David directed his attention away from me.
“I’m sorry to be so blunt, but my mother suffered from Stage 4 Cancer, and not once did neither of my parents’ first thought was to give me up.”
Mary clasped her hands together, almost praying, “There are things your family might allow in their homes that we wouldn’t and vice versa. All families are different.”
“What the fuck,” my blood boiled.
“We don’t allow swearing either,” Mary cleared her throat.
“Mary, go get the dessert now,” David tried pushing her out of the room with his words.
David’s sternness was familiar to me.
Mary stopped going back and forth with me to excuse herself from the kitchen. A moment later, Mary walks back in with cherry pie.
“Jesse, it’s your grandmother’s recipe.”
I rolled my eyes as all of us dug into overcooked crust. I was fixated at the way the cherry liquid oozed out of the pie. For some reason, I felt sorry for it.
“How’s the pie everyone,” Mary asked the collective.
“So good,” Piper nodded her head. Greg put a thumbs up, and Jesse agreed with them.
David stared at me, “How’s the pie?”
I stumbled with my words, “Eh, I don’t know.”
David teased, “You know you like it.”
I stopped chewing, “What did you say?”
“I was just joking around,” David replied.
I felt the hairs on my arms and neck spike up, “You raped me.”
Everyone stopped eating at once. Mary stuck her fork through the pie crust, “What are you talking about?”
I stared directly into the monster’s eyes, “There are four elementary schools that are between two and ten miles from here, yet you work all the way in Frostworth. I went to Melbrook Elementary years ago, and you were an assistant teacher there. Did they let you go for all the times your hand slid down a child’s back or did you hurt children the same way you did me? You escorted me to the bathroom, and when I was done, you said there was a game for us in the Janitor’s closet. You ripped down my shorts, you shoved your cock into me, and when I was crying and bleeding, you whispered in my ear, “You know you like it.” It’s all coming back to me. You’re more than sick, you’re a disgusting pedophile.”
I felt tears run down my cheeks as the air became gloomy. Sweat was running down David’s forehead. The silence killed any illusion that we were meant to have a safe reunion.
David suddenly grabbed his dinner knife and stabbed Piper in the throat. Jesse screamed as Greg lunged onto David’s back. Mary grabbed a knife and stabbed Greg in the back a few times before he slid off of David.
Not thinking, Jesse and I ran upstairs with David and Mary following us. Jesse and I split up into different bedrooms. I threw myself into a small closet that was full of young men’s clothes and miscellaneous items.
The clothes looked too small to be David’s, and I noticed a twin size bed in the corner of the pale gray room.
“No one lives with them,” I wondered. I found a little league trophy in the closet and armed myself. I heard footsteps creep towards my location. I tried to grasp my breath, but my heartbeat wouldn’t let me. Mary flung the closet door open, and I smashed the trophy into her skull. She fell to the floor, and I was honestly relieved that bitch was dead.
“Jesse,” I realized he might need my help and ran to the other bedroom. Jesse was on top of David with the knife.
“Kill him, Jesse,” I screamed.
“I can’t.”
“I know he’s technically your father, but he killed Piper and raped me.”
Jesse got up off of David, “No, I can’t because I told him I would bring you here.”
My hands started shaking as I slowly looked down at the trophy to see Jesse’s name on it. I charged towards the staircase only for Jesse to stop me from running down. He threw me back and held me down. I could feel splinters pinching my back.
“You slept with my dad, but didn’t want to sleep with me.”
I gagged on salted tears while Jesse was pushing his strength into my palms.
“Fuck him, just like I showed you, Jesse,” David cheered from the sidelines.
“Jesse, please,” I begged. “Don’t do this.”
Jesse licked his lips, “I’m sorry, but I have to be inside of you.”
My thoughts were racing while my will was dead. I didn’t know what to do.
“Fuck,” Jesse shouted. “I can’t get hard with you watching Dad. Look away.”
“Oh no, I didn’t go through all of this to not see a show.”
Jesse let go of my hands and cocked his head to the left, “Look away!”
“Fuck you!”
I saw an opening. I took Mary’s knife out of my pocket and stabbed Jesse in the leg. Jesse fell over while screaming in pain.
I lunged and buried the knife into his chest, “You’re never getting hard again.”
David shoved me back to the ground and started choking me. I didn’t want the dragon to slay me, but with each second passing, my fate was sealing.
“I’m going to have to teach you another lesson,” I heard David say before my eyes closed.
He flipped me onto my stomach, lifted my t-shirt up, and traced his uninviting fingers down my spine. His sweat dripped onto the back of my neck as he bent down closer. Once again, he whispered in my ear, “You know you like it.”
I opened my eyes and threw my head back, connecting with his forehead. David fell back, and I started crawling towards the bloody trophy. As he grabbed my ankle, I swung the trophy at his face. A tooth flew out of his mouth and lightly dribbled on the floor.
I mounted him with the participation trophy and continued smashing it into his face. I lost count after ten times.
That’s what happened, officer.
What now?

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