Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 13

Day 13 is all about setting boundaries.

We talked about app-blockers for your phone yesterday, also known as a digital boundary. Today, it’s time to talk about physical boundaries.

Establish No-Phone Zones

A no-phone zone is a place where you do not use your phone. These types of zones can be effective because instead of wondering if you should go on your phone for something, you can say “no” at that moment.

Two great places to start for no-phone zones are the dinner table and bedroom. The reason why these areas are beneficial is that the family needs to connect at the dinner table, and you avoid any arguments between parents and kids about putting the phone away. If you leave your phone out of your bedroom, this can improve your quality of sleep.

I can’t have my bedroom as a no-phone zone because it’s also my office where I get all of my work done. But, I use my phone in the bathroom where I get ready, and I’m going to make the bathroom one of my no-phone zones. The good news is as I’m getting ready for bed, I turn my phone off because I have an alarm clock that will wake me up.

Try to establish and keep no-phone zones at least until after the 30 days of the program.

Give Your Phone a Wake-Up Time

No-phone zones can also be time limits. For example, no checking emails after 6 p.m. or social media can only be checked once in the morning and once at night.

Since it’s the weekend, try this activity for tomorrow morning:

.Assign your phone a wake-up time for tomorrow morning. This should be at least an hour after you get up yourself.
.Choose something restorative or fun that you will do for yourself while your phone sleeps. For example, reading a book, playing with your pet, cooking a nice breakfast, etc.

How to enforce your phone’s wake-up time:

Two options
A) Put your phone on Airplane mode (or turn it off) and charge it in a place where you won’t see it until its wake-up time.
B) Use your new app-blocker to enforce your phone’s wake-up time. This method works better if let’s say you’re not cooking breakfast, but going out to eat with someone. Your app-blocker can allow texts or calls so you can stay in touch when meeting up with someone but will block access to other apps.

If you are currently trying out this program, comment below on how everything is going so far 😁.

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