Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 15

Day 15 is all about stop, breathe, and be.

Spending countless hours on our phones can cause negative effects on our attention spans, memories, creativity, stress levels, and general experiences of life.

This week, we are going to focus on mindfulness exercises. Today the exercise is called, “Stop, Breathe, and Be.”

It’s simple: you stop what you’re doing, take a slow, deep breath, and tune in to the details of what you’re experiencing in that moment. Start to notice physical sensations in your body to scanning your thoughts and emotions to taking note of your surroundings.

My experience: There was a humming noise from the fan, and there was sensation from my fingers. There was a warm feeling resonating from them, and I wasn’t sure if that was due to my focus on them or the heat in the house. There are three typical places that my mind takes me when I try to have a calm mind: the woods, the beach, or complete darkness. That third one is more challenging because it’s easy for our minds to think of a specific thing over nothing.

Stop, Breathe, and Be is to create a speed bump between your impulses and actions, and to give yourself a moment to reorient yourself so that you can decide what direction you actually want to go. We have a tendency to check our phones without thinking, this breathing exercise should help with prevention.

Try to do at least two sessions of Stop, Breathe, and Be today.

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