Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 23

Day 23 is all about phast.

“Phast” is also known as a “phone fast.”

We as individuals know about intermittent fasting some do to improve their physical health or fit into a wedding dress. Phone fasting can be very beneficial to our health by giving us breaks from our phone.

We don’t need to always do a 24-hour fast, but we could do shorter times that still free up our phone usage for hours.

Since purchasing the alarm clock, I have been able to turn my phone off every night so that my phone is off for about 6-8 hours a night. It not only improves my health through the night, but keeping my phone’s health intact.

If you’re someone who has weekends off from work, you could choose an activity every weekend that doesn’t require your phone (ex. going on a hike, painting, etc.).

The point of this exercise is not to punish yourself, but to make yourself feel good. Instead of asking yourself, “When could I force myself to take a break from my phone,” ask yourself, “When would I like to take a break from my phone?”

Identify a time today and give yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour where you turn your phone off or lock it away somewhere. Choose something to do that you’ve been wanting to do, but felt like you never had the time for it.

One thing that I’m doing more is creating more time to write. It’s something that I love to do, but I would fill my days up with all of these other things, and not give writing any of my time. A phone fasting is perfect to work on writing, or walk the dog, work out, clean out the attic you’ve been saying you were going to do all last year. It’s easy for us to enter specific routines, where we do practically the same things everyday. But it’s also important to mix things up here and there.

Try to give yourself short phasts going forward, and observe how these breaks affect your daily lives.

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