8 Things To Say “No” To in 2020


Last year may have been the time where it was okay to have relationships in your life that hindered your growth and cause harm to your peace. Start the new year with running your interpersonal relationships through a fine-tooth comb, carefully analyzing who compliments your life and who is making it more challenging to be happy.

Family, Friends, Lovers. You need to be seen as the valuable person that you are and not continue to break down in someone else’s hands.


Most of us have done this. We see the commercials or an advertisement online and get excited about the thought of having a new phone and new features to show off. But we also recently spent hundreds of dollars on the “new” phone last year, and it still works great.

Technology can last a long time when you take care of it, and if you don’t buy a new phone every time one comes out, maybe you could put that money into a trip with you and some friends or family.


Life happens. We get busy. Some people want to spend time with you but have to figure out how to make time in their life. This point focuses on those people that you desperately fight to have in your life, but they don’t show up.

It’s also important that you are giving others the amount of time that you want others to invest in you. But for now, say “peace” to the people that show you with their actions that they are perfectly fine without you.


It’s one thing to be a helpful employee, but it’s a different story when you’ve become your boss’s lapdog, fetching everything for them. A boss is someone that knows how to put in hard work, and they can manage to get their coffee now and then.

While your work position may be viewed as “lower”, you and your boss are equally human.

P.S. If someone hasn’t told you this in a while, know that you are doing great at your job!


Some ex-lovers you can agree with being civil and can co-exist. Some ex-lovers suck.

The exes that are making it difficult to be anything in your life should become nothing. Is it easy? Not always. Is it possible? Yes!

Don’t get rid of them just for yourself, but get rid of them for the higher quality people you still have in your life. You don’t eat fast food when you have a three-course meal in front of you.


There was a promotion offered to me that I took, and weirdly, it’s something I shouldn’t have accepted. It had nothing to do with where I saw myself, where I saw my mind at peace. Even if something sounds promising, if it doesn’t align with how you want to live your life, don’t take it.

Please don’t do things because someone else wants you to do them. Do something because you genuinely want to. Most of us know, deep down, what we want. This year, don’t be afraid to make your vision clear.


We work hard most days, and there are going to be times where we want to belly flop into our beds and rest. We may say “yes” to going out with friends, so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But don’t let them make you feel bad. You have to do what’s best for your physical and mental health, and sometimes it’s going to be a no.

Take it or leave it.


You’re not living your life to please everyone you encounter. It’s okay to try to be civil, but not everyone you meet is going to be your friend, and that’s perfectly normal. If there’s someone that turns you off as a person, you have that right not to accept them into your lives.

Be true to yourself and embrace it because it’s sexy being you.

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