Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 24

Day 24 is all about managing your invitations.

I’m not talking about going to less parties. I’m talking about the mental invitation our brain sends us when we wake up in the morning. Or when we’re in the bathroom. Or when we’re on a date that’s not going well.

Our brain says, “You should go check your phone right now” and we do it because it has become habit.

We’ve done a lot of work on managing our phone-related invitations and making proactive decisions about how we want to spend our time and attention, rather than just reaching for our phones. Like many of the things we’ve been experimenting with, this practice can be extremely useful in the rest of your life as well.

Today, let’s try expanding the way we use it: try to notice some of the invitations, both phone and non-phone related that your brain is sending. Then make a conscious decision about how you want to respond.

For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, don’t immediately express yourself through hand gestures and choice obscenities. Instead, pause, stop, breathe, and be. Notice what your brain is inviting you to do. Consider possible alternatives. Then decide how you actually want to react.

Whenever I pick up my phone, I pause and ask myself, “Why are you reaching for your phone?” Half of the time, I reach for my phone out of habit or because I feel like I need a distraction. It’s a good feeling to put it back down without looking at it.

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