Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 26

Day 26 is all about checking yourself.

Here’s a great way to catch yourself when you’re about to check your phone. Whenever you notice that you’re itching to checking something, email, social media, text messages, the news, whatever, ask yourself some simple questions.

What’s the best thing that could happen as a result of your checking? What’s the best email you could receive? The best piece of news? The best notification? What’s the best emotion that you could experience?

Then ask yourself: What is the likelihood that this will actually happen?

Spoiler alert: your chances are low. Very low. I’m willing to bet that if you were to reach for your phone right now, you would not find a note from a headhunter offering you your dream job, news that makes you feel great, or an out-of-the-blue invitation to dinner from an attractive stranger.

Far more likely is that you’re going to see something that upsets you or stresses you out. Once you realize how unlikely your best-case scenario is to happen, it becomes a lot easier to stop checking your phone.

Use Other People’s Checking To Check Your Checking

The more you pay attention to your own phone habits, the more you’re going to notice how often other people are on their phones. You’ll see people crossing busy intersections with their eyes glued to their phones. Families that go out to eat together and then spend the meal silently staring at their devices. Subway cars full of faces lit by that familiar blue glow.

Pick a habit that you’ve been trying to establish, and see if you can use the sight of people on their phones as your cue.

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