Breaking Up with My Phone: Day 30

Today is the last day!

We have officially broken up with our phones and started a new relationship with them.

We have a clear view of how our phones makes our lives better. We’re aware of how and when it makes us feel bad. We’ve changed some of our old habits and we’ve created new ones.

Our phones transformed from being our boss to being our tool.

For the final exercise of this program/adventure/journey, I would like you to give yourself some love. With the recognition that no relationship is perfect, please write a note to yourself describing what you are proud of yourself for accomplishing over the course of this breakup. How have you changed? How do you feel about what you’ve done?

Some prompts in case you’re stuck:

  • I used to think my phone…Now I think…
  • I’ve learned that…
  • I’m happy to know that…
  • I’m proud of myself for…

Once you’ve written your message, compare it to the note that you wrote yourself at the beginning of the breakup. Take a moment to give yourself credit for what you have accomplished.

My day 30 message:

I’m proud of myself for many things that I’ve went through during this program. I’m proud that I was able to leave my phone off for 24 hours and not go completely insane. I’m happy that I don’t have to depend on my phone nearly as much. When I spend time with people, I enjoy those moments more than I did before, which makes me even more happy. I’m proud that I’m not wasting hours of my life on things that don’t matter nearly as much as the new things I’m getting done. I’m going to leave notifications off on my phone; emails and social media can wait for me to check it when I want. I don’t feel addicted anymore or that I can’t live without it. I feel lighter and I would rather live without my phone.

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