Busy Bee

Veronica texted her husband with beer goggles on. The text read, “Thank you for checking in, I will be at the party a little longer. Don’t wait up. Love you.”
Veronica turned her phone off and dropped it into the toilet. She flushed and watched the cellphone swim in a circular motion until it disappeared. Veronica smiled in the bathroom mirror before finding a brush and a pair of scissors. She brushed her long, brown hair a few times to get some of the knots out. The scissors opened and snipped 3 inches off. Veronica dropped the brush, scissors, and excess hair in the toilet and exited the bathroom.
There was a door slightly cracked open across from the bathroom. The lighting in the adjacent room was orange, similar to a rock salt lamp. Veronica slipped into the poorly lit room and found six adults in a king-size bed.
Four of them stared at her and chanted, “Seven.”
A woman with caramel skin and curls slithered towards Veronica and licked her lips, “I love what you did with your hair.”
A paler woman with straight blonde hair crawled to the other side of Veronica, “Is this your first time?”
Both women grabbed each of Veronica’s arms and pulled her into the bed.
Veronica fell on top of a bed of flowers and noticed her clothes were gone. She saw a man with dark, thick facial hair eating handfuls of bumblebees.
Before she could say anything, she noticed the sky was blood red. The clouds were a striking black. The man held a dead bumblebee up to Veronica’s lips, “Here, try one.”
She opened her mouth and crunched into the bee’s carcass. The morsel tasted like a KitKat bar filled with liquid gold.
“Do you have more?”
Facial hair man pulled more dead bees out of the flower bed and handed them over.
Veronica threw a bunch into her mouth and felt a jagged feeling caress her gums. She spat out shards of glass and blood.
“You’re not eating them right,” the man howled. He pulled out a glass of water but didn’t hand it to Veronica. Facial hair man stood up and became the size of a planet. He poured the water into the sky until it became a deep blue.
The man grabbed the sky, created an opening, and walked in to never return again.
Veronica rubbed her dry eyes to witness a tsunami coming towards her. She tried to run, but it swallowed her and everything in its path. Veronica choked on water punching the back of her throat while feeling the water throw her around like a ragdoll. The wave tossed her into sharp rocks, one after another, resulting in cuts all over her body. The more she fought for air, the harder the wave pushed her.
Veronica smacked into a jellyfish, and she instantly felt a spark pulsate through her heart. She felt as if she was floating through paused time. She opened her eyes to see a bright light and facial hair man standing above her.
“She’s awake!”
“Where am I,” Veronica thought. Everyone seemed to be talking in muffles but made eye contact with two interns whispering to one another. The interns shared features of the two girls that lured her into bed.
She saw one mouth to the other, “I can’t believe she’s alive.”
The other intern, with sharp eyes, mouthed back, “I know. LSD and alcohol were not the best things to mix together.”

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