Slipping & Sinking

The roses lie on top of the grave for me,

Waiting for me to perish,

Wanting to end the suffering,

But I cannot stare Death in the eyes,

Without one more fight,

One last push,

One more time to say, “Enough is enough,”

How does one unplug from exhaustion,

Continue running towards tranquility,

And not forget to kiss pain goodbye,

I envy those,

Whose tears stay safe in a sarcophagus,

Nightmares remain in storybooks,

And not drenched in the carpets,

Seven times in seven years,

The walls have caved in on me,

I visit Hope’s doors,

But I do not know where home is,

Paralyzed by the fear that is always hungry,

It cooks breakfast in my stomach,

And tells me to always worry,

I am truly sorry,

If the smile fell off,

I was staying on track,

But the train caught me off guard,

That is all.

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